Dataflexnet sponsors Staffs Web Meetup

At Dataflexnet we value our ability to learn, to be creative and to nurture what can sometimes be hard won knowledge. We feel it contributes to an enjoyable working environment, one that is rewarding, presents challenges, and offers an increased sense of achievement.

However, we are also not short-sighted. We are all part of a greater pool of talent, that over time, we take up the challenge at new places, and so it is in all our interest, as individuals, like-minded groups, businesses, etc, to nurture us.

Naturally Dataflexnet does mutually beneficial ( ‘and relevant’ ) training, we set aside budgets and time for that. That is a given. Just as importantly, maybe more so, we weave learning into how we work, for example, all our work is peer reviewed, by pull request, which is an opportunity to learn from our colleagues collaboratively.

How is this relevant to our sponsorship of Staffs Web Meetup?

So, we reached out to Phil, who is a long-term organiser of Staffs Web Meetup, as we wanted to increase general awareness of Dataflexnet within the region and help support in some small way (at this stage) the talent pool. We thought Staffs Web Meetup ticked all the boxes, and it became immediately obvious, listening to Phil share his story of the Staffs Web Meetup journey, that we shared similar values. We pretty quickly agreed to support Staffs Web Meetup, through sponsorship, to continue supporting like-minded web enthusiasts to freely and informally meet up in Stafford and collaboratively learn together.

It’s clear Mike and the team at Dataflexnet share a passion for technology. Staffs Web Meetup is fast approaching its fifth year providing a space for the local tech community to come together and share their experience. The continued success of the group is in part thanks to the generous support from local businesses such as Dataflexnet. I look forward to working together to build the community.
— Phil Wylie, Co-Founder of Staffs Web Meetup

Just maybe, they become inquisitive, get to know Dataflexnet a little, see what we are up to. We wish Staffs Web Meetup continued success !