Reflecting on CPI Europe Summit and looking to B2B Converge: Asia-Pacific

The customer experience was absolutely at the heart of this year’s Europe Summit, looking across the supply chain, such as banks, corporates, travellers, and suppliers, in terms of pain points, how expectations are reset by the innovation people enjoy personally when using technology, especially with mobile, and the opportunities that come by adopting payment methods like virtual card.

Travel and expense is always part of the conversation, where virtual cards are particularly valuable, in terms of risk, automation, control, changing behaviours, and so on, especially where the degree of complexity corporates demand is increasing where efficiency gains are sought.

However, this year, business to business payments got far more focus. Dataflexnet is seeing this too, especially in relation to virtual cards, but only where flexible charging and rebate structures exist between all parties, with an eye on the terms and funding. For this reason, some industries make more sense than others.

Dataflexnet had the opportunity to facilitate round tables, participate in workshops around virtual card, and present on stage our SharePay service, providing an example of how sharing of virtual cards can be flexible, balance security with ease of use, and fit within existing workflows.

You can read more about all this from CPI themselves here.

Dataflexnet as a long term Sponsor of the Commercial Payment Summits, we look forward to the B2B Converge: Asia-Pacific event at Grand Hyatt, Singapore.