Whether providing tailored solutions to traveller, travel management company, travel manager or financial department, our integrated solutions are designed to optimise every transaction and streamline every processes from booking to financial reporting. As a result our clients are able to achieve significant savings at every step, are able to review their financial processes and effortlessly implement industry best practices.

Travel Agents

Since 1996, we have been developing labour-saving and cost effective software to help your processes to run smoother and maximise your bottom line. We understand the testing times facing the business travel agent today and by keeping ahead of industry developments and employing technology intelligently, we will help you to meet these challenges head on.


Corporate travel manager

With travel & expenses often representing the second highest controllable annual expense in an organisation, corporate travel managers are increasingly under pressure to cut costs, streamline processes and ensure policy compliance. We are only too aware of these pressures and our leading-edge solutions cover the entire gamut of the CTM’s remit from fares/rates negotiation, policy compliance, meetings management, credit card enhanced data and data management, often fitting seamlessly into your existing financial and admin systems.


Credit card companies

With travel a major part of many organisations annual budget, corporations, travel managers and travel agents are increasingly recognising that cost analysis and policy compliance is the best way to optimise travel spend. 

We can work individually with travel service providers and back office systems providers to integrate their data management processes with credit card payment platforms and so offer corporates a wealth of enhanced data with their credit card purchases. As Europe’s leading data consolidator for the business travel industry, Dataflexnet can also perform data quality control on transaction data exchanged between travel management companies and credit card companies in order to optimise the end-to-end travel management process.