Software Tester

We develop our own commercial payments services that are used by card schemes, banks, corporate, typically deployed within business to business or travel and expense payment space.

We organise ourselves into small agile teams, use Kanban, meet frequently to refine our backlog, organise ourselves into releases, and collaborative with our clients, focused on shipping value. Team members are encouraged to contribute, have work peer reviewed, develop as an individuals, support each other, our services, and clients.

As a flexible software tester, potentially with software development skills in test automation, depending on your experience and ability, you will be able to demonstrate experiences in some of,




  • Jira software (kanban)

  • Confluence, word, powerpoint, etc

  • Build systems on team city

  • Visual studio 13 - 17 and bitbucket (GIT) ( authoring tests )


  • C# .NET 4.5+ - .NET Core 2+ ( authoring tests )

  • Unit, integration, regression, ad-hoc, static-analysis, etc, testing frameworks and tools

  • Build scripts, deployments, and automation of testing

Icing on the cake ( more specialist stuff )

  • PCI DSS Level 1 with oWASP and CWE

  • Payment authorisation protocols including ISO 8583:87-03

  • Payment data exchange protocols eg tamara, cidf3, wings, xchange

  • Security aware (ciphers, encryption, signatures, hashing, masking, padding, JWT, key management)

Note: Fast PC, dual screen, all the coffee you drink !


The ideal candidate will be agile minded, enthusiastic, and able to coherently present strong ideas and sustainable solutions to the team. Domain knowledge is a real plus too.

Responsibilities, to the best of your ability, accountable to the team, company and client,

  • Work with product owners to add and refine the "done" criteria for user stories

  • Develop test scripts, suites, and brief plans ( as necessary ) and mentor developers on unit testing

  • Develop frameworks for manual and automated testing ( as part of CI/CD )

  • Find edge cases and prepare data for manual and automated testing

  • Review the software for test readiness at API, GUI, requirements, specification, etc, levels.

  • Find defects and work directly with the developer to create a fix and validate it.

  • Contribute to meetings including

    • Progress (daily)

    • Planning (weeks)

    • All hands (monthly)

  • Work to improve standards, guidelines, policy and processes, and participate in company audits

  • Collaborate with internal teams & disciplines, especially the operational teams, to fully support our products and services (for the teams part), ensuring what we do holistically makes good sense

  • Clearly communication and promote new releases through environments through to production

  • Learn, share, and mentor with the team in positive and constructive ways new ideas, methods, technology, etc, work independently when required.

You need to be fluent in the English language, spoken and written, but those skilled in other languages within Europe and East Asia is a real plus too.


In addition to enjoying your time spent at dataflexnet ( more here ) ,

  • Competitive salary according to fit, skill, experience, and position (25-40k)

  • 24 Days Holiday (plus national holidays) increasing with length of service

  • Personal training budget

  • Gain valuable experience working within a global Fintech business


As Dataflexnet is a member of Digital Manchester, you will receive from Digital Manchester, free membership, free or discounted access to events, and benefit discounts.

  If you are interested then send us a note and CV to