SharePay is designed to securely share card payment details with beneficiaries. SharePay may be integrated into existing workflow using the API to securely orchestrate the sharing of card payment details with beneficiaries. It is flexible, scale-able, will assist your compliance programme, and sits comfortably within most existing communication channels.

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As SharePay is PCI DSS compliant it can assist with your compliance programme.


SharePay is automatically localised by language and time zone according to each beneficiary.


A modern API based on Open API, with token based access using Flex Id Open Id Connect authentication.


SharePay is secure by design, using strong cryptography for transfer and storage.


SharePay will fit within existing communication channels, can be integrated into existing workflows, and will reflect your brand.


As a service, SharePay is fast, of high availability, and offers a very simple user experience for beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries have no membership or usage fees. SharePay is cost effective, assists with compliance when handling payment card details, offers a friction-less user experience to save operational costs, that allows you to balance security, with ease of use, and be customised to reflect your brand.


Sharing is super easy, create a SharePay URL, drop it into your order processing, and send. Once received, a beneficiary just,

  • clicks and confirms their e-mail

  • authenticates

  • views the payment card details

This simple experience that uses the SharePay API, but of course, alternative integration options are possible.

Dataflexnet has integrated SharePay with our virtual card platform Flex UTN, as an additional distribution method with beneficiaries, making it possible to entirely remove the handling of card payment details whilst processing.


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