As the leading European data consolidator for the business travel industry, Dataflexnet is a unique position to work with travel service providers to integrate data management with credit card payment platforms and so offer organisations a wealth of enhanced data with their T & E credit card purchases.

With the Dataflexnet lodge quality checker systems, clients can benefit from real-time visibility of their card-based expenditure and a comprehensive suite of features, allowing them to perform cost allocation, tax management and spending analysis. 

Using a hosted SaaS service model which allows rapid implementation and minimal client startup costs, our solution will help credit companies to deliver detailed enhanced data on travel and expenses helping organisations to manage credit card purchased travel expenses and allow clients all the benefits of card payments without the risks.


Key Benefits

Organisations can use this richness of information to optimise their corporate travel budgets, track spend, maximise purchasing efficiencies and, because it’s so easy to integrate enhanced data into existing financial systems, streamline their administration processes. By enabling enhanced data on T & E through Dataflexnet, organisations can ,

  • maximise efficiency to support policy design and contract negotiations
  • investigate online bookings and travel and expenditure applications to sustain near-term savings and achieve more savings through policy and contract compliance
  • calculate taxes easily and quickly from across the EU and beyond
  • maximise use of the corporate intranet to disseminate policy information and allow employees access to automated tools
  • integrate data into their existing systems to enable quick and accurate reporting, track inventory and cross reference expenses
  • streamline the process of employee expenses and reduce admin costs
  • improve monitoring of employee and supplier transactions
  • achieve more comprehensive budget reporting and allocation to the general ledger and cost centres
  • enable easier e-procurement reconciliation
  • improve purchase policy compliance